Law of crimes in social networks, will change the behavior of Internet users?


The Fact is that social networks are present in our day to day. In Angola there is already evidence that they can influence society and it is possible to have a sense of its strength.

They are just simple applications that allow the exchange of ideas and photos, conversations, searching for friends and classmates and promoting meetings, they allow a new way for society to participate, with interesting applications that support and facilitate relationships .

The Angolan government is planning to elaborate a "future criminal code that will have norms to combat crimes committed in Social Networks". What will be the behavior of Internet users after the approval of this law?

The social network with more users in Angola is the Facebook, but if we analyze a good part of the news of defamation, breaks of professional ethics, etc. have happened more on the social network WhatsApp and then spreads.

On Facebook are several users who complain of personal attacks like teasing, gossip, insults and slander. With this law, will we have any changes in terms of the use of social networks in the country?

The number of victims of sexual revenge in Angola in social networks has increased in recent years, several events have been recorded. It is necessary to make the audience aware that it consumes this type of content. The fault of those who open and share intimate videos, prints of intimate conversations, is the same as those who record and publish on social networks.

Has our government, in implementing this law, adequately prepared all necessary machinery to detect criminals in a short time?

Well, we hope so! This law is important now, since it is necessary to establish certain limits and still try to reduce the various crimes that already happen here in our country.


  1. I am not skeptical about the measures to be taken by our justice bodies in this regard, for me this law comes late, but as it says better late than never. I believe that something really good will come from this new penal code on this subject of social networks and its misuse. In my opinion, I believe that once these regulations and rules have been created, they must be accompanied by a civic education process in the sense of not only instilling in people's minds the knowledge of such penal frameworks of the new code, but also of helping people. people to know the effects that the misuse of social networks can have on a society, social group or person. Never at any time in the history of Angola has the population been so exposed to so much technology, not counting AngoSat that soon it will be increasing this offer even more, I think it is the right time to do that as we still have a lot of people who in his ignorance he simply uses social media for selfish purposes, demonstrating a total ignorance of the norms. In other regions of the world, tic´s are a source of income for families and there are large companies generating large profits for their government accounts, all this is a clear demonstration that in these societies they have already reached a high level of maturity in what it concerns the use of tic´s in this era of globalization. So, as you can see, the race is frantic when it comes to tics, to match the levels already reached by other societies, we need to stop running at Bolt's speed and reach the speed of light if possible. OAC


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