The law against cyber attacks is already in force in Angola


The Angolan legislation related to technology has never been very clear. What happens to a criminal who uses information technology to cause harm to others?

In the context of protecting citizens and organizations from cyberattacks, in view of the new challenges facing the digital world, the National Assembly approved the Law for the Protection of Computer Networks and Systems, which includes cyberterrorism.

Law 7/17, of 16 February, approved by the National Assembly, is not only focused on protecting Angola's cyber space from associated risks. It is a law that also aims to facilitate access to knowledge through digital platforms.

In its Article 2, the legislator's target is Angolan cyberspace, which aims to protect, among others, against any act or attack, computer theft and cyber attack. It is important to realize that cyber criminals use different methods depending on their skills and objectives.

Cyber ​​attacks are generally carried out through the internet, in which computer systems are broken, with the aim of spying, causing damage, stealing data, etc.

The law against cyber attacks in Angola has a scope in which the crimes committed in national territory by Angolan citizens, foreigners or by a legal person domiciled in Angolan territory, even if they target localized targets were from Angola, or in the opposite situation, where the crime is committed outside Angola but targeting data located in the country.

In recent years, cybercriminals have invested much of their earnings in developing more sophisticated resources with the use of more advanced technologies. The law comes at a time when the digital world has recorded many cases of invasions, from banking systems, theft of confidential information, among others.

Angola has had some growth in terms of information technologies and with this it is important that there are laws like this so that anyone who uses digital tools for inappropriate use in society is punished.


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