Learn how to share tweets on Instagram Stories


O Twitter has been making improvements in several areas of its platform, and that has included launching Spaces — to compete with the Clubhouse, new paid features for content creators, and even a new, more accessible verification process. Now, a discreet update to the iOS app is making it more convenient to share tweets on Instagram Stories.

Without fanfare of the novelty, those who have the habit (on iPhone and iPad) of using the share button — available next to the reply, retweet and social network favorite icons — noticed that the menu has gained a new option: Instagram Stories. Instead of printing a tweet on the platform and publishing it as an image, users now have a more practical process to promote this exchange between platforms.

Screenshot showing the ability to share tweets on Instagram Stories

As soon as the interested party finds a tweet they want to take to Instagram Stories, just click on the share icon and select the photo platform. The quick posts interface will be displayed — already with the Twitter post. It is inserted like a sticker. For now, the function operates statically, it doesn't lead to the original post after touch, for example.

The function of posting tweets to Instagram Stories has not been publicly announced by the platform, and is not available for Android at this time. Google's operating system, however, has recently received an improved search for direct messages. A new feature of the service that could create feature differentiation — when officially launched — is Twitter Blue, which provides some additional tools for the social network upon subscription. Currently in beta, and only in Australia and Canada.


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