Lenovo to pay $ 3,5 millions for installing malware on notebooks


A Lenovo reached an agreement with the government of United States to pay 3,5 million U.S. $ in compensation for a scandal in which she was charged with installing malware that spied on users for advertising purposes.

Malware, in addition to tracking web browsing history to find out which ads to send on the user's screen, created a breach of security in which criminals were able to obtain all personal information from the user.

 In addition to payment, Lenovo has agreed to a set of rules that will modify its practices in the market.

Lenovo said it was not aware of any third parties using the application for illegal purposes. As at the time, the company said it disagrees with the allegations, but now it is “happy to resolve this case after two years".

In an official statement, Lenovo said it had adopted many of these practices even before the controversy with VisualDiscovery. After the discovery of the malware, the company said it had limited the number of applications it installs on machines that reach the market, in addition to taking measures to ensure the security and privacy of its customers.


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