LG introduced the Refrigerator that opens automatically



Often we come home and we are completely tired that even the forces to open the refrigerator and take something fresh we have left. Thinking about it, LG decided to launch a refrigerator that can open automatically without having to use one of your hands.

The CES 2016 Event continues to bring many surprises and this LG refrigerator was also one of them, since just the owner simply leaning next to the sensor that is on the bottom of it that the door opens automatically so that the owner can remove the desired one.

The new LG refrigerator has the right futuristic features to make sure you and your food really feel like you're in 2016. Another feature that the company calls " knock-on"Which allows the user to simply knock on the door to reveal what is inside.

Fortunately, the fridge is smart enough to say it's you, not your wandering animal or baby. Which is good, since no one wants your smart fridge to harm your baby.

The video below shows all the products that LG presented in the CES 2016 and with highlight to the operation of this refrigerator that comes from the 55 seconds of the video:

What do you think about this LG refrigerator?


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