Man forgets USB stick password with 220 million USD in Bitcoins


Have you ever imagined that a password could prevent someone from becoming a millionaire?

Well, this is the real story of Stefan Thomas, a programmer who made his fortune after making a video about cryptocurrency in 2011. Bitcoin was not highly valued. Each bitcoin was worth between 1.98 and 5.96 USD. Today, 1 bitcoin can reach up to 40 thousand USD. Below is the current exchange rate and the change in recent weeks.

Stefan managed to collect more than 7 thousand bitcoins, added to his virtual wallet and protected the wallet with a password on a physical device, an Iron Key pendrive. The password was written down on paper and… it was lost! 10 years later, with bitcoin overvalued, Stefan has a chance to raise 220 million dollars. The device allows 10 attempts, before it definitely blocks. Stefan completed eight unsuccessfully and now has only two more attempts to guess his Bitcoin.

After the news spread through the media, several proposals have been made to the young man, who may be able to recover the password in a specialized laboratory where he can eliminate the limitation of the two remaining attempts and then use a supercomputer to crack the password. Of course, this will be very expensive. A risky step that is making Stefan more and more inclined to the option of forgetting that USB stick and getting on with his life.


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