“Meet the traffic”, new application from BANTU GAMES



In Angola it can be said that several motorists disrespect the traffic signs on the roads. The lack of attention and respect for them thus causes some accidents in various areas of the country.

A BANTU GAMES in collaboration with the National Police “Direcção Nacional de Viação em Trânsito” and NCR, decided to make available the application called “Meet the traffic“, Which aims to help you learn the road code in a simple and accessible way for everyone, and also test your knowledge of the road code in an interactive and fun way.

Regarding learning, users will have access to more than 250 traffic signs cataloged and with their respective descriptions, and as for the knowledge test, users will have to answer a questionnaire, where they will have to answer 10 highly difficult questions. and they’ll have to hit as hard as they can, with just three attempts. You can also play with your friends in the "Multi Player" option, and compete with your friends for the title of best driver.

The application is available for Android and iOS users, if you want to download it, for Android click here, and for iOS click here.



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