Microsoft Announces Windows 365, The Cloud PC Solution


Microsoft announced this Wednesday, the Windows 365, its new cloud-based service that introduces a new Windows 10 or Windows 11 user experience for businesses. Rumors about the service have been around for a few months now, but now we finally have the official announcement.

Microsoft developed a system that could guarantee the security of user traffic for professional purposes. Thus, with Windows 10 and 11 — the latter targeting the popularity it will gain until the end of the year — the company created the exclusive service that will benefit designers, developers of software and several other workers.

With Windows 365, you can access the full Windows experience via cloud streaming – this includes apps, data and settings – from personal or corporate devices. According to Microsoft, it stores data securely in the cloud rather than on the user's device and is part of a new category of hybrid personal computing dubbed as Cloud PC, which uses the cloud and device hardware to deliver the complete, personalized Windows experience.

Hybrid work is a current topic that is gaining more and more relevance. A survey carried out by the big tech points out that 73% of professionals want flexible working to continue over the long term and 67% they want face-to-face feedback after the pandemic. The results led to debate on how it would be possible to help both sides in the near future with online tools. That's where the idea of ​​the cloud service came about.

Regarding security, Microsoft stated in its announcement that Windows 365 was designed with a focus on security and the principles of Zero Trust. Information is stored securely in the cloud and not on the device where the user accesses the service. In addition, it is always up to date and offers recommendations with the best security options for the environment where it will be used. It supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) login, enabling “conditional access policies” and permission delegation based on user roles when needed. Cloud PCs are also completely encrypted.

The service was developed to work independently of the space where the user is or the device he uses. The service can be accessed, for example, on one computer and resumed on another where it left off, as the cloud allows this flexibility. In addition, it will be available on multiple platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS/iPadOS, Linux and Android. Greater convenience and variety of options to choose from according to the preference of each professional.

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 365 will be “available for businesses of all sizes” starting August 2nd. More information about the service can be found at this link.


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