Microsoft Build event will be online and free


Like many companies, Microsoft needed to reshape its events to prevent the proliferation of the Coronavirus and, due to that, the Build 2020 it will be completely digital. More than that, the event will also be free, leaving aside the registration fee of approximately US $ 2.400 charged in previous editions of the event.

In addition, this year's edition will not feature the already traditional extensive opening keynotes from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Still, he will make a presentation to the public, as well as the Director of Technology, Kevin Scott, the head of the Cloud and AI areas, Scott Guthrie and the head of Devices and User Experience, Rajesh Jha.

In addition to being totally digital and free, the special edition of the event aims to be more open and modular, giving developers the chance to suggest subjects to be addressed in the lectures. The company also promises that participants will have more connection with the company's engineers, receive a certificate and even compete for prizes when completing the online modules.

There is even speculation about the presentation of news about WinUI 3.0, a technology that will unify Win32 with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) - this is a platform where it will be possible to create and distribute so-called universal applications, which will be able to run on any version of Windows 10, be it on PCs, smartphones, Xbox or even HoloLens.

This year's edition of the conference is called Microsoft Build 2020. Registrations can be made free of charge through the event website.

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