Microsoft Office for iPhone and Android Smartphones becomes free!


When Microsoft launched Office for iPad on March 26, a precedent has been set for future concessions. One of them has just come to fruition, the Microsoft Office Mobile is now free for home use for both Android smartphone users and iPhones users.

But here's the warning, this Office is not enterprise customers, who will still need an Office 365 subscription to access the service. It is very clear that this rule has not been well analyzed by Microsoft, since even corporate users have personal mobile phones.

For users who have tablets, they can put an end to enthusiasm, Office for tablets still paid.

So Microsoft is able to take a step towards competing with the current free solutions in the market, such as iWorks from Apple, the QuickOffice from Google, the KingSoft Office and many others.

Download Office Mobile

So, will you move to Office Mobile?

[Via]: The Next Web


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