Microsoft releases video with new Windows 8.1 features


Windows 8.1 Preview

Windows 8 has received divergent comments, there are those who hate it and there are those who really liked it ...

One point on which everyone agrees is in the time of adaptation. Microsoft has had a futuristic idea of what an operating system should be, users need time to “get in the spirit”.

Hearing the criticism (and following its own schedule), Microsoft will Windows 8, inserting some functionalities, among them the long-awaited return of “Start Button“. The presentation of this version will be made on June 26th, but, apparently, the Microsoft products is anxious and has published a video showing some features of the “new windows”.

The changes go through the home screen, user interface improvements, the new search interface, as well as the integration of SkyDrive in Windows 8.1. An important and curious aspect is that Microsoft has not yet shown how the Start button.

Did they change their minds? Watch the video to see:

[Source]: Windows Blog



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