2,4 million users were out of communication in Kenya. Will it happen in Angola?


Phone-offThe Telecommunications organized, they care a lot about network security and the use that is given to their resources, whether it be voice or data.

In Kenya, it seems, some companies have forgotten these basic principles and started spreading many SIM cards without registration. Consequently, the government had to take matters into their own hands, sending a notification to “anonymous” users to register.

Among the affected companies, with thousands of disconnected users, the following stand out:

  • 1,2 million from Safaricom
  • 520 thousand of Orange
  • Airtel 365.266
  • Yu Mobile 323.000

Em Angola you do not buy a SIM card without registration (theoretically), so we can be relaxed that nobody will disconnect our lines ...

What puzzles me is, how Kenya managed to reach that point, 2,4 million disconnected users is a lot of fun…

[Via]: NewsAfrica


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