[Mozambique] GIFIM suggests introducing scanners at borders to stop smuggling


The Financial Information Office of Mozambique (GIFIM) suggests the placement of merchandise scanners as a way of strengthening inspection and combating smuggling at land, sea and air border posts.

According to this entity, inspection actions are currently insignificant and there is a lack of physical barriers at these posts, which weakens the control of trade at borders.

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And he adds that the smuggling of products of various natures has been manifested both through tax evasion and the entry and exit of minerals and precious stones, looking at the fact that Mozambique has high practices in artisanal and illicit mining activity.

In its study on the National Assessment of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Risks, the Office refers that the permissibility registered in the places where border crossing posts are installed is making it difficult to prevent and combat corruption, despite the presence of various defense entities, such as the Police, Migration and Customs.


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