Motorola is also preparing its foldable smartphone


No princípio of the year 2019, it was approached that Motorola was preparing an improved version of the famous "Motorola V3"But it seems like things are not quite like that. What is now confirmed, is that the company is preparing its folding smartphone similar to the old Motorola V3.

This information was confirmed Motorola vice president of global products, Dan Dery, it provided additional information on the company's ambitions. Where guaranteed that "Your company started working with folding smartphones for a long time"

During Dan Dery's explanation in the interview he gave to the Engadget portal, he said that Motorola "has no intention of releasing anything later than everyone else on the market," and considering the upcoming release dates of Samsung Galaxy Fold (in April) and the Huawei Mate X (mid-2019), it seems safe to assume that we are looking at a possible Motorola launch in August / September.

In closing, he said that Motorola is testing a plastic-coated OLED device with a plastic coating on top, referring to the same type of design that Huawei used for its Mate X, and if your company was working on a foldable device , the intention of the company will not be to put the screen outside, this only proves the prototype of the future apparatus of the company.

Will we have a foldable smartphone with a different concept?


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