Mozilla launches the new Firefox 78


A Mozilla launched a new update for its browser - Firefox 78 for the operating system Windows, macOS and Linux. Version 78.0 that maintains the company's focus on security and user privacy.

With this new version, the protection panel is now enriched with the possibility of tracking the number of breaches that it has resolved, and see if one of your stored passwords may have been exposed during the hacking of a website. The panel is accessible by typing about: protections in the address bar, or directly in the Firefox menu.

Mozilla has endeavored to make Firefox a better browser and use less resources. This fight has paid off and today we have a solution that can match any other.

Firefox now offers an option to "update" instead of uninstalling the browser. As Mozilla realized that many resort to this process to reinstall their browser, there is now a button to perform a reset and thus leave without data.

In the case of macOS, Firefox is the latest version available for versions 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11. These will be transferred to the ESR (Extended Support Release) version, which will be guaranteed by the following updates of this version. Firefox ESR is a version designed for schools, universities, companies and others who need help with mass deployments.

The company also made improvements to audio and video calls through the browser, focusing on remote work. Still, the browser is now also capable of using Intel GPUs to improve graphics performance on the platform.

Firefox 78 is now available for download, as always, at


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