MSTelcom Launches Virtual Data Protection Services


A MSTelcom launched today, August 01, the new services MSTCloud e Cyber ​​Security, both technological solutions, one for storage and the other for virtual data protection, for businesses.

MSTCloud builds on Microsoft's Azure Stack platform that provides a cloud services solution that enables analytics, computing, databases, mobile, networking, storage and web - to increase performance, scale resources and save costs.

According to Jorge Cipriano, an MStelcom executive who was speaking during the presentation of the service to an audience of potential customers, cost reduction has to do primarily with the possibility that customers do not have to worry about maintaining an infrastructure. structure for storing company data.

With regard to Cyber ​​Security, a feature that allows greater protection of virtual data. It is a platform dedicated to protecting company data against the most advanced techniques of intrusion, information leakage, trademark abuse and financial fraud with financial impact, according to Nelson Nascimento, head of the company's security area.

MSTelcom has three Data Centers, one of which is open to any company that wants to streamline costs with maintaining storage and data processing infrastructures. That is, companies no longer have to spend resources on servers or Data Center to store their data.

"Adalberto Nhinguica, President of the Executive Board, said that, with these two services placed on the market, MSTelcom paves the way for a new paradigm of performance in the market".


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