[MWC 2018] STC shows how 5G can change the means of transport


The MenosFios team is in Barcelona to cover MWC 2018 with the support of CABLE TV.

5G networks are closer to their commercial use. For those who still have doubts about what 5G is, we clarify in a simple way: The 5G will be the next generation of wireless mobile connection - the fifth generation (5G). The default was designed to allow for high throughput rates and very low latency.

Some companies have presented case studies to show how 5G can improve certain areas of society. The area of ​​transport is one of the favorite targets. STC (Saudi Telecom Company) is doing an interesting demonstration at MWC 2018 using a stand-alone car. Visitors have a chance to test using virtual reality glasses.

Our team tested the prototype of the Saudi Telecom Company, follow the video below:

The future will bring more connectivity!


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