[MWC 2019] SEAT and IBM present vehicle to solve mobility problems


The MenosFios team is at MWC 2019 in Barcelona with the support of CABLE TV e Kambarico.

SEAT presented its vision of the future of urban mobility: the prototype is was christened Minimó and during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​visitors will have the chance to know everything about the 100% electric quadricycle was created to solve traffic problems in the urban centers and protect the environment.

The proposal of SEAT with the Minimó is simple: size of a motorcycle, safety and the convenience of a car.

"The sector is adapting to the evolution of personal transport of customers. Seat's response to these difficulties is Minimó, a vision of our first product designed for a specific purpose. It combines autonomous technologies with electric propulsion systems. It is the future of urban mobility"Says Luca de Meo, president of SEAT.

Main Features:

The vehicle can carry two people comfortably. It is ompacto, with 2,5 m in length and 1,24 m in width. Unlike other urban vehicles, it features 17 wheels "discovered, a driving position similar to that of an SUV and provides a larger space for passengers.

The doors, asymmetrical and hinged, can be opened in tight spaces. The smaller left-hand door of the driver leaves more room for the transparent surface to improve passenger visibility, while the larger right-hand door makes it easier to get in and out of the vehicle.

Minimó's high-density batteries guarantee customers a range of more than 100 kilometers on a single charge, but once the power is exhausted, it is not necessary to wait several hours to recharge the vehicle. The battery is placed in an accessible place under the floor of the vehicle, which allows you to replace it with another charged one in a matter of seconds, and continue the journey more quickly.

More technology ...

The vehicle brings connectivity solutions that provide a digital experience based on Android Auto, has digital key and wireless. The central digital display combines dashboard functions with presentation of digital content from the user's smartphone using the Google assistant in Android Auto and the Mobility Advisor.

Currently in development and designed to run as a mobile application on 4G / 5G networks, the Mobility Advisor uses the IBM Watson wizard to provide users with a conversation interface to plan and optimize routes and suggest the most suitable transport options.


With IBM technology, the “Mobility Advisor” can learn a user's preferences and make personalized recommendations on how best to move around the city. Connected to the IBM Cloud, it dynamically adapts to changing conditions, taking into account weather forecasts, traffic reports and things that happen in the city that day.

"With the launch of 5G networks in cities over the next few years, the possibilities for transforming the driver experience are limitless," said Juan Ramon Gutierrez Villar, Industrial Solutions Leader, IBM Global Markets.

Electric cars are still not a viable option for the Angolan market, but for those who think about investing in electric cars, there is a good option.


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