Browse more privacy with Firefox Focus



A Mozilla recently launched the Firefox Focus, a browser for mobile devices on the platform iOS, Apple's operating system, which is focused on privacy and restricts the display of advertising.

Firefox Focus also offers options that allow you to delete your browsing history, passwords, block cookies and activity trackers. The browser consists of a search bar that, after being used, shows the results screen.

According to Mozilla, the main differential of Firefox Focus is that it is a simplified browser, which means that it can load pages faster. The browser was originally launched on the App Store almost a year ago, but it was used only as an ad-blocking utility from the iPhone's Safari browser.

Mozilla's spokeswoman said the company is considering developing a version of the Firefox Focus browser for the system's smartphones and tablets Android. Firefox Focus does not offer a VPN feature. In other words, if the user wants to browse completely anonymously, it will not be possible. The focus of this new browser is just to prevent others from knowing what sites the user accesses on your iPhone.


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