Netflix has surpassed the mark of 139 millions of subscribers


It has recently emerged that Netflix will increase the prices of its services, this change will cause the price to rise between 13 and 18%, marking its biggest price increase so far. The lowest price of the service currently costing 8 USD will now cost 9 USD.

In addition to this price hike that is forecast to be 3 months hence, Netflix announced that it has gained 8,8 million subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2018, surpassing the predicted number of 7,6 million new subscribers.

Of these, 1,5 million were from the US, while the remaining 7,3 million subscribers were from the rest of the world.

Netflix introduced a total of 139 million subscribers at the end of 2018, 29 million more users than at the end of 2017. The company also announced that they had an increase of 35%, reaching a total of 16 billion USD in 2018.

However, the company's fourth quarter operating margin dropped from 7,5% to 5,2%, which Netflix attributed to the launch of more titles in that period.