Netflix, what you need to know about the service in Angola


Following the announcement of expansion of the streaming NETFLIX I now present some answers to possible questions that may have arisen after the announcement of the service to Angola and the surrounding area.

Countries where Netflix will be available from now on (including the previous few)

After the announcement there are, of course, questions that need to be answered, so let's get to that without further ado, I would like to add that questions like who will actually control the service here in the country.

In a Q&A session with the Netflix Head of Production Neil Hunt and the Vice President for content acquisition Elizabeth Bradley Here is what you can learn:

Will I have access to the full Netflix catalog for the United States of America regardless of my location?

Short answer: No. Due to licensing issues, some countries may not have full access to the full catalog offered by Netfix in the USA. One or the other can receive, but not at the same time as the USA. However, the company obviously owns the rights to its original content and plans to distribute it globally which is great if you are expecting more than 30 series and films that the company will premiere throughout 2016.

Will there be censored content?

Hunt said that Netflix is ​​able to provide uncensored versions of its contents, but perhaps some nudity can be censored here or there.

 Because of the expansion to new countries, we will have to adjust some things, we will have a lot of learning going forward.

Netflix will have PIN codes so that parents can prevent children from watching content as well as guides with age censorship to certain content determined by Netflix itself. What may not be compatible with some countries and their own rules Ex: If for us Assault in Luanda is for larger than 16, for Netflix it may be the only content type for larger than 18.

Will the subscription cost the same in all countries?

The 200 + countries Netflix is ​​now available in.
Monthly subscriptions will be equivalent to local fees (-Netflix to 7000kz per month here? Just seeing it yourself) said Hunt, with plans to add more local payment methods with plans to add more local payment methods to accommodate the new markets.
Will Netflix create original local content?

Neflix will focus on finding great storytellers (Maybe a film about Ya Ndemufayo will finally be produced) around the world whose stories are linked to what their consumers appreciate - Regardless of the language.

With more content viewing data on the way, how will this affect Netflix Original content plans?

Part of the success of Netflix with original content is due to the fact that we look deeply into the preferences and viewing habits of our audience.

"'Ridiculous 6' "One of our first original films - it became the most watched movie on Netflix in its first 30 days," Bradley said. Due to the adoption of the service globally, we intend to use more strategies resulting from reading visualization data to explore opportunities for original content that will please consumers worldwide.

How much bandwidth will it take to have Netflix properly where I am?

Recommended speed is 5 Mbps for streaming in HD, but the service can run at low speeds up to 500 kbps for streaming in 420p.

By the way, we tested with 2 Mbps and it works perfectly, without any stops.

Will the company develop VR (virtual reality) or 360-degree content?

Although content RV content (virtual reality) or the 360-degrees Netflix is ​​not yet ready to bet on this kind of technology, and prefers to focus on more traditional methods of storytelling that are also immersive.


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