New Chrome will consume less RAM in Windows 10


The new Windows 10 will introduce improvements that will reduce the memory usage of Win32 applications like Chrome. The high RAM consumption of the Google Chrome the days may be numbered.

Microsoft products detailed that the most recent Windows 10 update brought the “SegmentHeap”For developers, whose implementation will reduce the consumption of RAM in the 2004 version of Windows 10 or later. The company confirmed that it has already started using the functionality in the browser Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, with initial tests showing a memory usage reduction of up to 27% in the 20H1 update.

According to information from a Chrome developer, the change is already enabled in the latest version (85.0.4182.0) of the browser. “I can confirm that the Segment heap feature is available“, He says. Google is the second company to adopt the new memory management and testing is yet to begin in the Beta. That is, end users should only notice the novelty in the coming months.

Google Chrome has long been known to be a RAM hog. The problem appears to have been aggravated in recent months due to factors such as the implementation of fixes for the Specter security flaw.

There is still no information on when these improvements will actually come to Google Chrome on Windows 10. It is important to note that the only way to benefit from such news is to keep your system up to date.


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