New mobile phone operator in Angola starts testing 1 2018 quarter


A Angola Telecom will be the third mobile operator in Angola and intends to carry out the first tests of its services in the first quarter of 2018. And it also intends to bring significant benefits to services in the domestic market as well as competition in the sector.

According to Expansion newspaper, in its edition number 447, of Friday, (10 / 11), goes on to say that António Gonçalves, the executive INACOM, confirms the licensing process of the new mobile operator and ensures that it is well on its way to entering the market in the short term.

Technical part completed ...

Angola Telecom guarantees that the technical part is almost completed and only awaits INACOM's endorsement to start making the first tests. The only thing missing is the political will and establish the partnership agreements that are always needed in this type of projects.

Last year, the Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technologies (José Carvalho da Rocha), had announced the arrival of a new operator and mobile telephony in Angola. The newspaper in its edition also advances that, the telecommunications market has been liberalized since 2011, but only this year is that the ministry that oversees the sector is working hard for the emergence of more operators in the market.

O Less wires, during the current month, announced that the Chairman of the Board of Directors of INACOM, Leonel Augusto, informed that the Angolan government has started to license new operators to provide fixed telephony and Internet service.


  1. Given that Angolatelecom already has unlimited internet services when entering the market, the operators Unitel and Movicel if they continue to limit mobile internet data services will lose out on Angolatelecom's competition more if the vision in the future our Angosat 1 opens a vision to all operators apparently there will be no thefts or saying instead of paying fees we will pay by volume and everything unlimited until the end of the month

  2. It will be an asset as long as it brings benefits to all customers since communication in Angola is quite expensive and not very qualitative we hope for something new cheap and with a lot of quality.

  3. I think I speak for many young people when I say that we really need a new operator in the market, unitel is that thing we already know (super expensive and the benefits are ridiculous especially in the internet) the movicel that the youth made for years falling in love with their “plans” since the end of 2016 has been terrible (the quality on the network is getting worse and believe me all my friends and family complain about it, they are falling calls, mobile data that doesn't work properly, sms that it takes hours to get into the mobile etc ...) the youth are in great need of a new operator. Let's see if with that the two other companies finally wake up to dissatisfied consumers!


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