It is now possible to have more than one subscription in Gmail


Google implemented a new feature in gmail which allows the user to have more than one signature in his email. This was a function already seen in other e-mail services, and can be an asset when we want to change from a more professional subscription, to a personal one.

According to an official statement from Google, the news will come on by default, without the user having to turn it on. To place a new signature, just click on the gear button at the top right of the program, go to the Settings tab and then General. If the possibility is already available, there must be an option “create new” in the subscriptions section.

Using multiple signatures gives you the versatility you need in a variety of situations. Allows you to create signatures between teams, organizations and products. In addition, it allows you to communicate more easily between languages, and use different signatures by default in new emails or replies.

The new function is now available for Gmail and G Suite accounts, although it is still necessary for some users to wait a few days for it to be integrated into all accounts on the platform.


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