Welcome to Outlook.com, the successor to Hotmail

Microsoft decided to change and ... decided well.

"Wow !!! At last!!! ” … This was the best way I found to start this post.

Hotmail users have long been waiting for an update on their webmails, after all gmail and yahoo the other two most used webmail providers in the world are already a few steps ahead in terms of using emails within the browser. So Microsoft has decided to turn it around and still give a bonus to its customers.

In fact, this update comes because Microsoft has decided in a way to discard Hotmail. Confused isn't it? Well, it's easier to start by explaining everything. Microsoft has been trying for some time to overcome the successive losses of users @ hotmail.com. Hotmail has been increasingly discarded by users because it is no longer functional. I remember when I created my first hotmail email, my main goal was to chat with friends on MSN. But truth be told, Who uses MSN today?

Realizing this fall, Microsoft then created its new webmail, @ outlook.com.
This new address with outlook ending (you can guarantee your custom by clicking here) brings a spectacular new interface. It's beautiful, simple, modern and it takes us to think of the Metro interface (Windows 8) and better than all this is extremely functional. But wait, this part takes us to the beginning of the post, updating hotmail. Now all users of Microsoft webmails may have this interface. For users @ hotmail.com you just have to go the Options in the upper right corner and switch to Outlook.

And will you switch to Outlook? Stay on Hotmail and update? Or don't you even want to know about it and will you continue with your Gmail or Yahoo? Give us your tip ...


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