Participate in the 2nd interconnection forum for exchanging Internet traffic in Angola


In 2019, the first Palmeiras Suite Hotel first interconnection forum in the country (ANGOLAN PEERING FORUM - AOPF), brought together network experts, a group event (AOG - Angola Network Operators Group).

The AOPF event takes place annually in Angola (this year in 100% digital format) and brings together a set of national and international experts who will share with the community a set of research on the ecosystem World Wide Web.

For 2020, the event will take place on 19th and 20th of November. The event will also be focused on technological literacy, namely with thematic workshops and the debate on the telecommunications landscape in Angola and Africa. The event will also have national and international speakers, if you want to register for the event and consult the agenda, click here.

Highlight topics and respective speakers:

  • Francisco Badaro | ITS Telecommunications
  • Francisco Badaro
  • Eduardo Barasal Morales |
  • Kevin Arrives
  • Junior Corazza
  • Uesley Correra
  • Darwin from the coast | Angolan Peering Forum
  • Hiba Eltigani
  • Eduardo Grizendi
  • Fabio Jose | MAREF & Multipla
  • Luis José
  • Rogerio Mariano | Azion, GMP, GPF
  • Denny Roger
  • Gustavo Sena | Velonet Teleinformatica Lda



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