Patients in Angola will be assisted by telemedicine


A when the launch of the Angosat-1, it was said that it would encourage the use of telemedicine in the country, but it seems that the Ministry of Health has another alternative for the operation of this service that only starts with technology.

It seems that there are already guarantees that, patients who are assisted in health units without certain medical specialties, located in any part of the country, will start to be attended at a distance and in real time, through the telemedicine system, this announcement, was made yesterday, in Luanda, by the then Director of the Information Technology Office of the Ministry of Health.

Second Walter Paulo (Director of the Information Technology Office of the Ministry of Health), at the moment, the Ministry of Health has the conditions created for the start of the project, which should reach all provinces in a period of four years. This project, which will be launched soon and its massification will be carried out in three years.

O added that there is already technology, resulting from a partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation and the INFRASAT, equipment and places for care in the pilot province (Huambo), whose health establishments will work with the pediatric hospitals David Bernardino and Américo Boavida, both from Luanda.

As for training, the training of technicians is also ensured, as these partnerships are giving another dynamic to the project. Walter Paulo clarified that the mechanism will work on the screen system, installed on both sides. With this, a patient of Longonjo (Huambo) can be assisted, in real time, by a doctor of the Hospital Américo Boavida (Luanda), aided by a technology of the video conference type.

It is important to note that, in addition to the time contact with the patient, telemedicine allows the physician to visualize the results of the analyzes, measure blood pressure, observe an X-ray or other examination and make decisions based on the patient's condition.


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