UNDP Innovation Program seeks people with creative ideas in Angola


Today's challenges are not the same as in the past, so today's solutions must also be different. Based on this premise, the offices of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in African Portuguese Speaking Countries (PALOP) joined the Startups, bigger hub Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to create the Innovation Program evolve. In Angola. This online program is being coordinated by the UNDP Acceleration Laboratory, with support from hub Angolan innovation Disruption Lab.

What is the purpose of this program?

The aim is to select creative minds in each of the five PALOP countries, which, with the support of experienced entrepreneurs and mentors, will create startups with solutions for the present and the future, in two areas:

  1. e-Governance and Digital Transformation;
  2. Work and Economy.

Participants will have to be innovative, insightful and use new technologies to respond to the biggest problems we face in these two areas, especially in the current context of the AIDS pandemic. COVID-19.

What is expected of the participants?

In the area of ​​e-Governance and Digital Transformation, participants are expected to bring
practical, innovative solutions adapted to the local context to improve the provision of basic public services, the efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector, and to bring citizens, the private sector, civil society and the government together.

In the area of ​​Work and Economics, participants will have to think about solutions for
formal and informal workers, focusing on the socioeconomic recovery of the country where they live, but also on the empowerment of youth and women.

The proposals presented by the participants will have to have a positive impact on the countries where they operate, but they will also have to fit into the market, so that startups are economically viable for their materialization. To support this mission, the program evolve it has mentors with remarkable curricula and experience, predisposed to accompany the process of creating and developing the ideas of the participants, guiding them to the best paths.

How to participate?

Participation in evolve it is completely free and the program will be developed in a completely online environment. Registration closes on February 7, 2021 and the first contacts between participants and mentors will take place in the ideation week, starting on February 22, 2021.

All interested parties can register by clicking here.


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