Portugal will have Internet social tariff


Portugal is one of the countries of the European Union that offers the best infrastructure for Internet access. However, prices are high. Just as it already exists in the energy segment, where there is a social tariff, also in the communications segment there will be a tariff with lower prices for those who need it.

The Portuguese Government approved on May 06, 2021, in the Council of Ministers the creation of a Social Internet Tariff, which comes into force on July 1. This “social tariff” for internet services will benefit those who already enjoy the social tariff on energy.

What will be the speed and the ceiling? How much?

The Social Tariff is an additional discount on Internet services that is aimed at economically vulnerable consumers. This type of tariff already exists in the energy market and will soon be able to reach the communications market. According to the information, all operators are obliged to make social tariffs available to the most needy families, the same ones that benefit from the social energy tariff.

So far, the price of this tariff is not yet known, but what is defined is that the service package will have to offer at least 10 GB of data ceiling per month with a download speed of 30 Mbps. All basic internet services must be available. Still regarding the price, the Government intends it to be “accessible” and “compatible with the level of income” of the families, but also with “the costs inherent” to these services.


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