PPPs and investment in Angola's Human Capital


Weeks after having committed itself in this direction, the information and communication technology giant Huawei held a training action in the latest generation of information and communication technologies for the technicians of the Information and Communication Technologies Service (SETIC) of Public Finances, an agency of the Ministry of Finance whose mission is to establish norms and standards for technological infrastructures and their development. The training action ended on the 22nd of July this year.

photo credits: techvshuman.com

I have defended that this is the most sustainable public-private partnership (PPP as they are now called) and with greater ability to walk: investment in Angolans, especially in young people. For two of several reasons: the first because it increases the knowledge of new generations, thus making them more competitive in an increasingly “technological” world and second because this allows national staff and the country to become owners of technology beyond the period. duration of the partnerships. In fact, the secret of the success of China itself, the country from which Huawei comes, is precisely that. Local mastery of essential technologies for the development of your country.

Angola is rapidly moving towards the nationwide presence of fourth generation (4G) Internet technology. With the globalization of knowledge, nothing, but nothing prevents that, by the end of 2022, the 5G technology will not be in use in the country, greatly facilitating not only information and communication processes, but also robotics, automation and remote control of mechanical actions. That is why this “push” for young people to be aligned with these cutting-edge technologies is extremely strategic for the Angola that we want to build in the coming decades.

With specific regard to the Ministry of Finance, the positive effects of the increased and efficient use of ICTs in the lives of citizens, especially public servants, the majority of workers, are already visible. With the adoption and implementation of the SIGFE (Integrated System for the Management of State Finances) platform through which all public finance transactions are carried out, the annoying delays in salaries, document diversion and, mainly, the diversion and embezzlement of funds. As a matter of fact, recent events have come precisely to show, if more proof were needed, that these deviations only happen in the few sectors not yet covered by the SIGFE. Hence, it is in all respects advantageous for MINFIN staff to become more and more capable of mastering the latest information and communication technologies. What is happening in this partnership with Huawei.

It is not surprising therefore, as I have written on other occasions, that the approach of this company finds the greatest acceptance among the highest levels of the Angolan State. Even knowing that this training is the gateway to the products it offers, or perhaps because of that, there is a general enthusiasm for this PPP approach. It's because? Because of this training component. It gives it another robustness and brings clear advantages for all parties involved. It is what in the English language is called the “win-win approach”, an approach in which everyone wins.

Article written by Celso Malavoloneke , published in MenosFios with the authorization of its press office.


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