Privacy and Security on the Internet [Part 1]


The Internet is an extremely efficient means of communication: anyone can create their space to make themselves known or interact socially and quickly and comprehensively. The problem is that this wealth of possibilities has its price: just as in the "brick and mortar world", the Internet is also a dangerous territory and requires care, some of them concern your privacy, to help with this aspect, the following are some simple but important tips for your privacy and online security.

What is privacy?

Setting privacy is far from easy, given the myriad possible interpretations. However, in the context of the aborted theme in this text, we can understand privacy as the control that a person has in front of the availability of information of itself, in order to avoid that this data end up revealing very particular details about their daily life to the point of to expose it improperly or to harm it in the environment in which it lives.

Safety is the perception of being protected from risks, dangers or losses.

Why should you care about your Internet privacy?

What would you do if someone stopped you on the street and wanted to know where you live, who your friends are, what your favorite places, how much you earn, and what assets you have? They are very particular information and, since the person's intentions are not clear, you will certainly try to get rid of it.

This is the most correct action, it is necessary to act anyway, after all, so that people or institutions with suspicious intentions succeed in their actions, they need to get as much detail as possible about their "targets". The problem is that we take care of the streets, but on the Internet we often deliver this information "hand kissed", without even being questioned.

As if that were not enough, there is a disturbing aggravation: what you reveal about yourself on the Internet can be accessed by a very large number of people or organizations, regardless of geographic barriers. So you really need to watch over your online privacy. Until now with more news.