Did you get the ID card? You can already know the status of your process


Already imagined the caricature situation of handling the Identity Card (BI) and give you a deadline for the removal of it, and when you arrive at the place to get the document, you are faced with the situation that has not yet been issued.

In order to fill the situation and prevent floods, the National Directorate of the Civil and Criminal File and Identification (DNAICC) recently presented an information and consultation portal in Luanda to improve the services at the identification points available to users.

Second Júlio Lucas (head of the DNAICC Identity Ticket Production Center), which presented the portal to the press, users may now cease to the site https // www.bi.minjusdh.gov.ao to obtain the information they want. The official also pointed out that the purpose of the service is to reduce the flow of people who move to the identification offices in order to obtain simple information.

O portal also aims to interact with the citizen, and gives people the possibility to investigate the processes that have been dealt with at national level. Through the portal, people have yet to know in what state their process is, if it is under analysis, transport, or if BI has already reached the breakdown.


  1. Help me just cancel this number I already delivered the process always creating embarrassment in the issuance of my ticket please help me I'm running the risk of losing my job 002746566LS033 due to an error in the office proved the duplication.

    • The error does not lead to being on your side but rather to the office, so the institution that wants to employ it tends to look this way and ask for a ticket and rectify the error, but you can still work at the institution waiting for the correction of the error made. by identification because the number of the ticket does not change try to make known the institution where it takes to have job vacancies that open a session in order to deal with the situation and have the job vacancy at your disposal while the case is being seen

  2. Dearest good morning, I am distressed because I have treated my identity card since the 29th of September and to date it only says that it is in print, a note that is always in print, and will stay until when I was told that it leaves in 48 hours, I'm distressed because I really need my ticket

  3. I did not understand how the national directorate of civil and criminal identification files works, I have not issued my ticket for a year, I am suffering with children at home, how to go to the bank or how to move to work

  4. I want to know if my bi has already left because I treated it on October 21st this year


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