RAZER presented the Linda Project in the current issue of CES 2018. RAZER is known for the manufacture of peripherals for gamers ranging from high-performance notebooks to smartphones to gamers produced to provide a phenomenal mobile experience.

At CES, Razer presented an interesting proposal: a smartphone that can be adapted to function as a laptop. When coupled to the dock, the phone can serve as a smart mouse and thus bridge the media consumption in the hands with the convenience of a laptop. The performance of the RAZER smartphone, display, and two front speakers perfectly match the Linda Project laptop screen, keyboard (RGB and backlit) and high capacity battery to provide a hybrid combination for gaming, content creation and productivity.

The Linda Project concept is very simple and consists of an ultra-portable that works with the use of Razer's own smartphone.
See more and do more.
Enjoy the comfort and precision of the built-in and backlit keyboard, ideal for fast insertion of long text writing sessions and more
Android games with a new perspective with Project Linda and can even connect a mouse to a more accurate control. And the second (phone) display will allow access to menus, maps and more during games

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