Central residents can pay installments via Multicaixa


In order to make life easier for the beneficiaries of houses granted through the Housing Development Fund, the Ministério das Finanças and EMIS decided to facilitate installment payments, which can now be made via multi-box.

O payment can be made at any time and in any multi-box, as long as the beneficiary has a bill of sale, to do so send an email to: [email protected], when requesting the bill of collection, must include the TIN / BI, full name and mention the coordinates of the property.

How to make payment in multi-box?
  1. Step: Inserting the multi-card and access code;
  2. Step: Choose the PAYMENTS menu;
  3. Step: You must choose the PAYMENT BY REFERENCE option (sector) and select the option 1;
  4. Step: Inserting the number of the ENTITY or REFERENCE, in the case of the Housing Development Fund, the ENTITY is 00227, the REFERENCE is mentioned in the billing note;
  5. Step: Check the data for confirmation of payment (ENTITY, REFERENCE of the bill and value);
  6. Step: Remove the card and the payment confirmation slip made.

It is important to note here that the receipt must be kept as proof of the payment made. The beneficiary can also make his payment via Internet banking.


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