Russia orders immediate Telegram lock


The Russian government has issued a blocking order on Friday (13) Telegram all over the country. The decision that allows the end of the application operation in that country came after months of judicial battle.

The battle between Russia and the Telegram has already several months and several chapters. At its core is Russia's intention to access the encryption keys of users' messages, something that the Telegram refuses to provide.

According to the Russian government, the idea is to include the platform in operations to combat crime and, especially, terrorism. It is the same dispute in which names such as Apple or WhatsApp, for example, have become involved in other countries, with the security of their applications that even prevent the service administrators themselves from having access to users' messages.

Immediately, an order was issued authorizing the blocking of this service in Russia. It is not known when it will be applied, but the door is left open so that it can be at any moment.

Telegram had until April 4 to allow government to enter its systems, either by handing over encryption keys or by opening a backdoor for exclusive use. Failure to comply with the date meant that Roskomnadzoe, the telecommunications regulator in the country, filed a blockade two days later.

It is not known exactly when the blockade will be applied, but one can have as example other recent situations, this should be immediate.


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