Samsung to launch Galaxy Fold in September


Samsung recently reported that it was able to solve the problem of Galaxy fold, and guaranteed that it is now in the final stages of production of a commercial version, which now has a release date.

Samsung revealed the next step that will be taken, which is to launch the device in September in “selected markets”. The company has listed several changes in its press release, and they are in line with previous rumors. Along with the press release, Samsung also launched a photo gallery of the device.

A company did not reveal which "selected markets" will receive the Galaxy Fold in September, promising only more details for the launch. However, at the time the hardware was redesigned, the company says it is also working on the Galaxy Fold's software experience, which includes optimizing more “applications and services” to meet its unique capabilities.

Importantly, the company has ensured that the Galaxy Fold has additional reinforcements to better protect the device from external particles while maintaining its folding experience:  The top and bottom of the hinge area has been reinforced with newly added protective caps. 


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