Samsung presents its new foldable smartphone


Samsung's newest foldable smartphone is real. The company officially presented its smartphone called “Galaxy Z Flip“After months of unofficially disclosed information and even a promotional commercial shown during the Oscarseg.

The substitute for Galaxy fold, features a shell design similar to the new Razr from Motorola. O Z Flip, like the Razr, is essentially a high-tech folding phone, with a 6,7-inch internal folding screen and a small external notification panel.

In comparison, the Galaxy fold it has a 4,6 inch screen when closed and a separate 7,3 inch screen when opened on a tablet. Until then Quick View outside of Razr is 2,7 inches, while the internal screen extends to 6,2 inches.

O smartphone that will go on sale on February 14th at a starting price of 1.380 USD, is the first for the foldable market and is something that can boost the devices. Glass does not scratch as easily as plastic, is generally more durable and also offers the flip a more premium feel than other foldable ones available for sale.


  1. I saw some reviews of the Motorola Razr is even interesting 😅 but for me it's not funny to use a mobile phone that doubles 🤷‍♂️


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