Second edition of Hackaton in Cabinda scheduled for February 27


The Google Developer Group (GDG Cabinda) and TchiowaHub will hold the second edition of Hackhaton in Cabinda on the 27th February 2021 at 09 am in the auditorium of the Instituto Superior Politécnico Lusíada de Cabinda.
The first edition of the Hackathon in 2020 had Covid-19 as its theme, in this second edition it will be free modality where solutions about real problems of society using technology will be presented.

The event is taking place between the 25th to the 27th of February 2021

The most promising projects will be called for intensive training where they can receive mentoring for the improvement of their projects as well as techniques for making presentation (pitch), on the 25th and 26th the projects.
And on the 27th, the face-to-face activity will take place where the competitors will mirror their projects, it will start from 09:00 until 15:30, it will have an online broadcast on the Facebook pages of TchiowaHub and GDG Cabinda, and the number of gifts will be limited.

The vision of the event

The GDG Cabinda team intends to facilitate a meeting between entities linked to technologies and not only, as well as the population in order to have the knowledge of the local talent of Information and Communication Technologies, with the growth of internet access even with the existing difficulties programmers and enthusiasts have found creative ways to learn new skills.
Hackhaton is a technology competition that involves people interested in solving problems and developing innovative solutions.

See how the first edition of Hackaton went.


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