See the new design that will be implemented in Gmail


Yesterday Google confirmed that it is working on a new design for Gmail for short. The updated design will appear to Gmail users on the web, bringing you closer to your business settings for Gmail on mobile devices.

As we discussed in the previous article, users will have features such as: offline support, ability to postpone emails and choose when they should appear in your inbox, among others. The image above is the screenshot of Gmail's new design, which is being tested on Google with trusted partners. The new design includes some subtle elements of Google's Material Design and several new features that were introduced for review in Inbox.

In addition to the addition of smart answers we already knew would come, the main feature of the new design is a modular sidebar that allows integration with other Google applications. There is a new sidebar that allows you to use the Google Schedule, Keep or Tasks next to your email. This means that users will never have to leave their inbox to create a task list or reschedule a meeting.

Google Tasks, by the way, is also ready for a makeover. The Android Authority has shared some display images of a new Tasks icon that suggests that a new design is also imminent.

Looking forward to using this new version?


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