The Lawyer: Service allows you to find a Lawyer in Angola, without leaving your home


It is nothing new for anyone who is resident in Angola, that the legal sector is still one of the most formal and without so much use of technology to facilitate the proceedings.

Currently, there is a great difficulty regarding the possibility of finding a competent lawyer in an easy way, as well as the collection of large amounts by some of these. On the other hand, there is still the precariousness and scarcity of digital services for legal professionals, and the difficulty in doing legal and ethical marketing.

In order to deal with the problem existing in these two aspects, the platform “O Advogado” was developed, which intends to function as the link between Lawyers and Citizens who need one. The platform offers a list of lawyers available nearby so that citizens can choose from the best.

The platform also helps lawyers to be closer to their clients, select among them and respond to those that interest them. The aim is to help democratize access to justice in Angola through technology. Bringing citizens the freedom to find and choose the best lawyer for their problems. If you want to test the platform, click here.


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