Researcher creates smart glasses that focus on what the person wants to see


A professor at the University of Utah in the United States of America has created a pair of "smart glasses”That promises to make life easier for those who have some kind of vision problem.

Smart glasses with liquid-based lenses that can perfectly adjust the focus on what a person is seeing, whether near or far regardless of distance. The idea of ​​developing glasses came about when the teacher Carlos Mastrangelo discovered that he had presbyopia, a condition that affects most people from the 45 years.

“Most people who wear reading glasses have to put them on and take them off all the time, these people won't have to do that anymore. They’ll put this on and they’ll see it well, ”said Carlos Mastrangelo

The human eye has a kind of lens that adjusts the focal depth, it depends on what you look at. But as people get older, this lens loses its ability to change focus, which is why many people need reading glasses or bifocals to see close up objects and regular glasses to see away.

Smart glasses have rubber membranes that hold the lenses. The back membrane is connected to three mechanical actuators that push the membrane back and forth. In this way, it changes the curvature of the liquid lens, which is made of glycerin and, as a consequence, changes the focal distance between the lens and the eye.

Before using the glasses for the first time, users must enter their prescription data in an application that works in conjunction with the glasses; then the application will automatically calibrate the lenses via Bluetooth. The user only needs to do this once, unless the prescription of the glasses changes over time.

The professor believes that the device could be marketed in two or three years. According to Mastrangelo, the glasses will be expensive, but will be worth the price.


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