Android Smartphones Nougat and Marshmallow will have Google Assistant


Recently, information has emerged Google may make your personal assistant available to other devices with the Android system, and by all indications this is about to happen since Google has confirmed that from here for days the Android Nougat e Android Marshmallow will receive updates.

With this new update in these two versions, it is believed that smartphones with this version will be able to have Google Assistant. Compatible smartphones in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Germany will be the first to have this Update.

Google has not specified which feature will appear in this update that will make the personal assistant compatible. Since there will be no updates for the Android Lollipop e Kit Kat, it is possible that these versions will not be compatible.

The Google Assistant is a comprehensive conversation resource that can engage in ongoing dialogue with the user and can understand queries and complex tasks. Access to the service will be the same as on current devices, using the voice command “OK, Google”.

The update will launch automatically, so keep your eyes open for a notification that Google Assistant can be installed soon.


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