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Less wires is an information service focused on technology.

Created by Angolans, where its editors and direct collaborators reside, we intend to bring articles on technology and science , with a greater incidence to topics involving Angola.

The opinions of our editors and collaborators are based on their experiences. The Less Threads wants them (opinions) to be impartial, thus serving as a guide for all lovers of technology.

About our editors / writers / columnists:


A nickname for Jonathan Timóteo, Electronics and Telecommunications Technician, testing programs is one of his favorite pastimes (his computer does not like that much), a technology lover in time to remember a date. He writes about technology for over 9 years ago.

Passionate about technology and innovation is more of an observer than a technician by nature. He loves the details, features and likes to debate and learn with those who know and explain to those who are curious. Your new challenge now is to help make MenosFios an uncomplicated technology site and one of the best info about tech in Angola.

Systems analyst, involved in several projects facing Web / Entertainment, 1st degree enthusiast.

HelpDesk and Web Administrator, Software Engineer, graduated from the Kimpa Vita University (Uíge), fascinated by technologies, addicted to films, sports, Hip-Hop and Reading related to the Informatics area.

Computer Network and System Administrator, HelpDesk, CCTV Operator, graduated from Gregório Semedo University, holder of Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching and CCNA Security certification. Currently studying CCNP Routing and Switching and Linux. He has been working with IT since he was 21 years old.

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