Solitaire game completed 30 years


If you have been using Windows since some older versions, surely you remember this legendary game, the Solitaire Microsoft just turned 30 on May 22, 2020. Microsoft is celebrating the occasion with a world record attempt at more games than Microsoft Solitaire completed in one day. 35 million people still play the Solitaire monthly, according to Microsoft, with more than 100 million hands played daily worldwide.

Microsoft Solitaire was originally included as part of Windows 3.0 in 1990, designed specifically to teach users how to use a mouse (mouse). Grabbing virtual cards and dropping them in place, taught the basics of drag and drop in Windows, which we still use today in many parts of the operating system.

The game originally known as Windows Solitaire , is one of the most played games in the world, as it has been released on all versions of Windows for over two decades. This means that it has already been released on more than a billion computers and has just ceased to be a dedicated part of Windows with the launch of Windows 8 in 2012.

O Solitaire it is still actively played around the world by millions today, thanks to its wide appeal. It was even inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame last year. Microsoft has localized the game in 65 languages ​​and is played in more than 200 markets. Microsoft Solitaire it only got its first major update in 2012, coinciding with the removal of Windows 8 for a standalone application. The new application included five new game modes, daily challenges, competitive events, integration with Xbox Live and even the ability to choose levels with greater difficulty.


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