Sony reveals new God of War


"You have to think, be calm, don't just react" - Kratos

God of War E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer PS4 [1] .mp4_000535406

Sony began its presentation at E3 revealing the long awaited GOD of WAR, which is a restart (reboot) of the series against the backdrop of Nordic mythology, the game presents a gameplay totally different from previous editions and focused on openworld (open world) with the camera over the character's shoulder (see video). the new God of War features Kratos “bearded” and with a son who fights for approval from his father.

What is more "impressive" in this new version is that it seems to try to make us feel bad for killing with the trailer ending in an emotional scene between Kratos and his son (no spoiler, see the video).



Although the gameplay is different from what we are used to and we would expect from a game like God of War, we still have a perspective of the violence characteristic of the games in this series, with well-designed levels of destruction, good textures and renderings, in short alongside the gameplay different, everything else looks pretty appealing, check out the trailer:

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