Spotify begins to allow subscriptions for podcasts


O Spotify has been investing heavily in podcasts, and trying to increasingly captivate content creators for the platform. And now, some new features are coming to allow creators to earn some extra income from their podcasts.

The new subscription system for podcasts, known as “Podcast Subscriptions”, is available from yesterday to content creators on the platform. However, at an early stage, this system will only be available in the US – so it will still take some time for users in other countries to be able to use it.

With this feature, podcast content creators on Spotify may charge a fee to access them. Not only that, but it will be possible to have the free and paid aspect, where some episodes would be placed for free and others accessible only to listeners with active subscriptions.

By 2023, all podcasters will receive the full subscription revenue, as a way to encourage the use of the functionality. However, as of that date, Spotify charges a 5% fee for all payments made.

As mentioned initially, this feature is only available to users and content creators in the US, but it is expected that it will be extended to more countries over the next few months.


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