STAC, a platform to assist motorists in Angola



When we open the site, there is a countdown, indicating that soon one of the services that may have a great impact on the lives of Angolan citizens, will come into operation.

The service was dubbed STAC: Technological System of Support to the Citizen. This system promises to help motorists by focusing on 3 points:

1. Driving license consultation service

  • Verification of legal status
  • Control of fines
  • Update of mandatory information

2. Car legality consultation service

  • Check if the car you want to buy is legalized
  • Check for any fines associated with your vehicle
  • Updating information related to your vehicle

3. Car insurance

  • Control and details of insurance policies
  • Tracking incidents

From what we can verify on the website, the service will be operational within 2 days and counts on the support of the Angolan National Police, among other entities.

If the service delivers what it promises, motorists will have a tool to ensure they are in compliance with the law and will have a chance to resolve problems more quickly. Have you ever imagined having to go to one of the offices to obtain information above? Precious time is wasted. For now there is an expectation for the launch of the service in Angola, once it is completed, we will return to confirm that it fulfills what it promises.

Looking forward to this test of STAC?



  1. If I can't see the state of the duplicate of the letter or if you have to pay to see it, then I don't know if it's beneficial.


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