Angolan startups invited to participate in SEED


We have had quite a surprising growth in Angola in the creation of Startups, some already known and with steps taken, some still in the growth phase, but none of this has prevented the expansion and creation of businesses in these small companies.

For you, this year the SEED “Fourth Round” will take place - Startup and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development, a support program for national (Brazilian) or foreign entrepreneurs who develop technology-based business projects in Minas Gerais.

This is a very interesting program for any Startup in the world, and surely it will be a good thing to have some Angolan Startups to participate in this program. For those approved in the process, 80.000 Reais, equivalent to 25,728.44 USD or 4,264,595.12 Kwanzas, will be made available.

The foreign country that has more registered startups will have a special prize.

Remember that the business model of Startup should always think of solving a problem, and one of the great sources of this, is to think above the 17 Millennium goals defined by the UN. This is not an obligation, but it is a plus.

For more information about how to participate in the program, click here.


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