Stop reading "just" books


From time to time I am in the forums or groups of facebook of which I am part and where normally people exchange ideas or ask questions waiting for answers and opinions and I end up always ending up in the same conclusion.

Why would I listen to opinions or advice from people who have no experience in what they are advising me about? Why would I validate or consult someone to advise me on something or mentor me without case studies or indications of experience? Yes. We all have an opinion and in this case the same advice may even work. ”

Most typical phrases I heard this week in the forums or groups:

Read the book so tal so ...

Books really are important, but everything depends on the context. But overall you need to stop reading books only. Yes. Stop reading "just" books and put it into practice. If someone said, "If the glass falls, it can break." You would really accept that yes, after all it is fragile. But do we know how far it will fall? What kind of glass are we talking about? On what kind of floor will it fall?

Stop reading books only and put your hands in the dough.

You will only learn from your tests, mistakes, and successes. This will make you much more experienced. Keep in mind the advice of friends or college colleagues but keep the following questions in mind:

  • Has he been through this?
  • What is your indicative of experience?
  • Do you only have books as a basis?

... ask more questions yourself.

It is one thing to listen to the opinion of someone with some indicative of experience and another thing is to listen to the friend. Yes! It may be the case that he is right, but it is a very low indicator. Would you listen to the advice of someone who has more years of experience working on what you want to work for or someone who has only books as a basis and hypothesis? Life is full of curves and the right path that is seen in several books or even the crooked ones does not mean that you will go through the same or have to live by avoiding them.

In short, listen to everyone but do not do what everyone says.

Mostly people who rely on books only. Read books, enjoy and get the most out you can, listen to your friends but do what you believe and test. Always practice. Escape those who always say "Here it would not work!" And look for those who have experienced such an experience and listen when they say it will not work. Above all, every case is a case. Be sure to do what you believe because people say it, but listen to people with indicative experience in what they say.

Run! (I.e.

This text was published by Amarildo Lucas in Medium and republished in MenosFios with the author's authorization.


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