Stories come to Google to highlight websites and newspapers


It seems that Stories is not just a passing trend that Instagram copied from Snapchat. After the feature is incorporated into WhatsApp and Facebook, the Google announced on Tuesday (6) that it will launch the Web Stories on Discover.

For users of the Google app on smartphones, they can already see a series of recommended news under the search tab and, starting on Tuesday, they will be able to see a carousel of stories to “create an engaging experience for the reader in full screen” , according to the technology giant.Despite the name Web Stories, it is worth mentioning that these contents are not made by conventional users, but by the press. According to Google, these contents made by some websites and newspapers already appeared in the search, but now they will have a greater prominence and will appear in the Discover tab - that area of ​​the Google application that shows indications of content based on your interests or on Android, when user drags to the right side and a series of news appears.

The tool was developed by Brazilian, American and Indian professionals, who gave the idea of ​​how they wanted it to work. According to Google, "many of the users have already been getting good results with the stories displayed on their pages, social networks, newsletters and other channels".

The first countries to receive the novelty are Brazil, the United States and India, being available on the Google application for Android and iOS.


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